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It is Rookwood's goal to establish a collaborative partnership with you. Please utilize our resources and products throughout your projects. Rookwood may be used for a complete project or an eye-catching focal point in conjunction with a larger project.

Please consider us when you want to make that special statement whether it is a residential or commercial installation. The use of Rookwood tiles and architectural elements will set your project apart from any other. Rookwood can be installed outdoors, on patios, pools and exterior walls.

You may choose to create a tile or element of your own design in concert with Rookwood. In addition, our team of craftsmen can assist you in designing your own custom tile to promote in all of your projects.

Create your signature tile!

Looking to utilize a tile of your own design as your signature piece in many of your projects?

Rookwood is capable of taking your design file and realizing your vision in ceramic. We can also create a glaze finish and color to match a particular installation or that is unique to you!

Image of Monona Terrace above courtesy of TileArt Design, Madison, Wisconsin