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Rookwood is now releasing our first dinnerware set in almost 100 years!

Timeless and classic in design, The Wareham Dinnerware Collection is now available for your dining pleasure.  From the Rookwood Archives, now available as the first Rookwood Dinnerware Set in almost 100 years, this exclusive Rookwood Collection features luxurious vellum matte glazes in white, black, and soft blue.  The set consists of a salad and dinner plate, plus a platter.  

Each is individually priced at $35, $48, and $63 respectively.

Available exclusively at our stores beginning Friday May 6th, you can get the set in time for Mother's Day.  Additional dinnerware items will be available in the coming months, designed by our artists, to compliment the set, which was so elegantly designed by John D. Wareham in 1921.

Please visit a store convenient to you at 1209 Jackson Street in OTR, 7135 Foundry Row in Liberty Center, and 1920 Race Street in OTR.  

As always, the entire Rookwood product line is available at all 3 retail locations.


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