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Assistant Kiln Lead job APPLY NOW

OTR - Downtown Cincinnati, OH
30 Nov 2023

Position Summary:

  • Work collaboratively with Kiln team lead and Production Manager to ensure that all orders are delivered on time and that a quality product is being produced.
  • Meet regularly with Kiln team lead to review the production schedule and assess whether changes are needed to ensure all deadlines are met.

Supervise Kiln team members and train team to become proficient in the following duties:

  • Load and unload bisque and glaze kilns.
  • Set up product according to product SKU and quantities listed on work orders.
  • Inspect tile and pottery to determine whether the product meets established quality control standards.
  • Record all rejected product accurately in Global Shop using appropriate scrap codes.
  • Manage overage and seconds’ stock.
  • Pack and prepare customer orders for pick up or shipment via freight or UPS.
  • Deliver stock product to Finished Goods once packing slip has been prepared and quantities have been verified.
  • Apply finishing touches to products as necessary, such as: adding ribbon or hardware to ornaments, attaching wooden bases to trophies, etc.
  • Assign daily tasks for team members, indicating priority items and down time tasks.
  • Maximize department productivity by multitasking between clerical work, management of team members, and performing departmental tasks.
  • Follow and enforce all safety rules and practices.
  • Identify areas needing improvement (safety, quality, efficiency) within department and make suggestions to Kiln team lead and/or Production Manager.
  • Maintain good housekeeping in the department.
  • Facilitate interdepartmental cross-training as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Essential duties of Assistant Kiln Lead:
  • Assist Kiln team lead with supervision to ensure all team members follow production protocols and adhere to Quality standards.
  • Train new team members and regularly inspect all team members work to identify when additional training or a refresher of protocols is needed.
  • Participate in administrative tasks such as submitting EOD reports daily and preparing customer orders for shipping or pick up.
  • Become proficient in the operation of all equipment in Bisque and Kiln/QC departments, including but not limited to the Blaauw and Skutt kilns, tile wipers, LAP grinder, etc.
  • Become proficient in Global Shop functions related to Bisque and Kiln/QC departments, including but not limited to issuing materials and WIP’ing to bisque inventory, and closing sequences on work orders once fully completed.

Assistant Team Lead Expectations:

  1. 1. Communicate effectively with team members.
  2. Delegate tasks: explain what is to be done, how you think it should be done, and the reason for doing the job in the first place
  3. Set daily expectations: provide clearly defined goals and deadlines and confirm that team members understand directions clearly
  4. Collaborate when possible: when delegating, invite questions from the team and be open to suggestions as to how to go about tackling a task. Delegating is most effective when it can be done in a way that makes the team member walk away feeling invested/having a sense of ownership
  5. Take initiative to meet with other department leads regarding production concerns and potential solutions; share the information with floor supervisors once a course of action is determined.
  6. Cross-training: factor training of all team members into your department’s schedule whenever possible. Keep a checklist of what your team members need training on and update as completed.
  7. Regularly check that all department SOPs and protocols are up to date and amend when needed.
  8. Respect the schedules of others: determine whether problems can be handled independently, elevated or delegated. When something needs to be elevated, utilize email or text to notify others rather than dropping everything to get an answer and expecting others to do the same.

Address issues with team members as they arise by providing constructive feedback on performance and behavior that is inconsistent with company standards. Document discussions and share with Kiln team lead, Production Manager and HR. Examples of things that should be dealt with immediately:

a. Attendance

b. PPE

c. Rookwood Policies

d. Promote positivity in the workplace.

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