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Female-Founded in 1880

Our founder, Maria Longworth Storer Nichols made history on Thanksgiving Day in 1880  – founding the first large manufacturing enterprise led by a woman in the United States. Within a decade, Rookwood gained international acclaim, rivaling European and Asian potteries that had been in existence for hundreds (even thousands) of years. At the time, Maria couldn't have imagined the impact starting her own pottery would have, or the significance it has on Rookwood Pottery today.

Hand Thrown for Every Style

Hand-Thrown Artistry from Master Artisans

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See The Rookwood Difference

Rookwood is located in a 88,000 square foot production facility in the bustling Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our master artisans proudly create one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring designs used within the modern home.

Handcrafted Detailing

Stunning artistry comes to life when intricate carved motifs and expertly hand-painted details are paired with our iconic Rookwood glazes, making no two pieces alike.

Iconic Rookwood Glazes

Each of our Hand-Thrown items are expertly glazed by hand using Rookwood’s proprietary glaze formulas, made up of minerals and elements found in the Earth.


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