With the addition of our new 4-inch size, our Hexagon tiles look to the past for modern day inspiration. Calling back to antique floors and storefronts of vintage America, the honeycomb-inspired trend is a classic that will be sure to timelessly accent your space. Use our 7-inch Hexagon with our Penrose Hex Ascending and Descending tiles for an added touch of dimension in your favorite spaces. If there’s anything we know today, it’s that vintage never goes out of style. Your most inspired spaces can now come to life with Rookwood’s Hexagon tile.

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4″ Hex – FHEX04 (Available in 3/8″ Thickness Only)

  • Tiles per square foot: 14
  • 25 or more sq ft = $140/sq ft
  • 0-24 sq ft = $145.78/sq ft

7″ Hex – FHEX07

  • Tiles per square foot: 5
  • 25 or more sq ft = $60/sq ft
  • 0-24 sq ft = $75/sq ft

*Above pricing reflects 3/8″ Thickness.

*Add 30% to listed price to upgrade order to 5/8″ Thickness.