Morgan Candle


The Morgan Candle form was created by Rookwood Artist Morgan Willenbrink. This candle is entirely made by hand – from vessel, to glaze, to scent. Makes a perfect addition to your home decor on a desk or coffee table.

Our signature Maria (muh-RY-ah), named for Rookwood Pottery’s foundress, is offered year long. Maria captures the romance of early Rookwood with notes of fresh blooms, herbal sweetness of a hot cup of tea, and the delicate warmth of nostalgia.

Perfect for:
Candle Lovers, Summer Home Decor, Art Collectors, Housewarming Gifts, Desk Accessories!


*100 hour burn time.

*Once the candle has finished burning, the vessel can be cleaned out and repurposed to hold fresh flowers, jewelry, small tokens, etc.

**Due to the natural process of glazing, colors may vary from those displayed here.

Dimensions 4 x 3 in

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