Starburst Ripple

Our Starburst Ripple Tiles are an extension of our Starburst Field Tile series. The Starburst Ripple series has the same shape as the original with a textured surface area reminiscent of a ripple in calm waters. Use in combination with our Starburst field tile series for pattern and variance in your design. These tiles are ideal for floors and installed at a 45 degree angle due to their natural waving pattern. Our Studio Glaze line is recommended to display the dimension and fine detail in this tile.


Starburst Ripple Classic – 40054

  • Tiles per square foot: 3
  • 25 or more sq ft = $60/sq ft
  • 0-24 sq ft = $72/sq ft

Starburst Ripple Petite – 40055

  • Tiles per square foot: 18
  • 25 or more sq ft = $60/sq ft
  • 0-24 sq ft = $72/sq ft

*Above pricing reflects 3/8″ Thickness.

*Add 30% to listed price to upgrade order to 5/8″ Thickness.

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