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Fionacorn, A Story All Her Own
Lighting up the world with her joyful personality, persevering spirit, and an imagination that inspires us to shoot for the stars… Fionacorn’s Tale is one of making the impossible, possible. Embracing whimsy and wonder, our playful Fiona reminds us to always believe in ourselves and to follow our wildest dreams.
Each Fionacorn is hand-crafted to radiate opulence. Adorned with a 22-karat gold lustered horn, Fionacorn will surely become an heirloom to treasure for years to come.

To provide continued support for animals like Fiona, Rookwood donates a portion of each figurine sold to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Please note: Products with charitable give-backs cannot be returned or exchanged and are final sale.

Fionacorn measures 5” long x 3.75” tall.

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