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Rookwood’s tile is suitable for most interior and exterior applications, including warm and cold climates (freeze/thaw), residential and commercial floors, walls, counters, showers, baths, swimming pools, spas and fountains. Matte glazes are recommended to be used in wet environments and should be treated with a pre-grout seal. Your Rookwood Design Consultant can provide more information on which glazes require a pre-grout seal.

Made of a high fired vitreous stoneware blend, the materials of Rookwood’s clay body are sourced from the foothills of Appalachia and comprise of a unique blend of feldspar, quartz, and silica.

Due to the handmade nature of our tiles, varying degrees of color and texture variation, as well as slight size variation, will occur. This gives each piece distinctive beauty to each and every tile. All material should be inspected prior to installation. Bullnose or glazed edges should be separated from the rest of your tile order to ensure they are not installed incorrectly.

We recommend pulling from all boxes during installation in order to minimize any dye lot differentials throughout your project. Do not install tile with hairline cracks or chips.

Use a diamond blade wet saw. Make sure that the cutting blade is in good condition. A finer blade will make a finer cut and can prevent glaze chipping on the cut edge. Remember to always use safety goggles and gloves.

Rookwood Pottery Tiles are designed to be used in fireplace surround applications and will not be damaged by the heat. Check with your design consultant on the preferred glazes to use in the interior fire box.

Since the color of the tile is fired into the surface our tile will not fade over time in direct sunlight.

Rookwood tiles can be used in wet applications with exceptions based on glaze type. Your Rookwood Design Consultant can identify best options in the design process. We recommend that your installer follow the guidelines set forth by the Tile Council of North America for these specific conditions.

Rookwood’s clay body is comprised of vitreous stoneware that does make it an excellent material for exterior applications. Third-party testing has determined that our tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 2% and is capable of withstanding a freeze/thaw cycle.

Most of Rookwood’s glazes do not require a sealant, however our Alkaline glazes do require a sealant to protect the crazing which is its signature effect. You can reference Rookwood’s Spec Sheet for glaze specific details. Please note that depending on the type of grout your installer uses, you may need to seal the grout to protect is against staining. Consult your installer for more information and guidance.

Rookwood offers a variety of moldings and liners that can be incorporated in your design to transition from your tile install to another medium. We also offer glazed edges on all of our tile and bullnose edges on select options.

Rookwood offers on-site design consultation services that includes a complimentary one-hour initial consultation and design services. An additional 15 hours of design consultations and CAD design services are available for a $500 deposit that will be applied against your Rookwood Pottery Co. tile order if placed within 6 months.

We recommend using thinset or quickset for the best installation results. Due to the nature of Rookwood’s clay body, we strongly recommend that you do not use mastic in the installation process. You can reference Rookwood’s Installation Guide for additional guidance.

All of Rookwood’s products are manufactured in our factory in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Using locally sourced materials and following processes to recycle the wastewater, clay and glaze materials used throughout the production process, Rookwood is mindful of its economic and ecological impact. Visit our factory located at 1920 Race Street in Cincinnati for a free tour every Wednesday at 10:30 am to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Rookwood makes our Architectural Tile and Art Pottery.

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