Urban Canvas

Feature Palette Color Inspiration

URBAN CANVAS – 2018 Rookwood Tile Feature Palette. Color and design inspiration for your tile backsplash, bathroom, kitchen, or bar. Made to order. This Summer Glaze Palette celebrates the artists of the urban landscape. Handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio by Rookwood Pottery artisans.


The Inspiration

A curated blend of metropolitan-inspired hues, the Urban Canvas feature palette celebrates the foundational arts culture of our fair city. With each touch of the artist’s brush, a breath of new life is given to structures both new and old for each passersby to stop and admire.


The Artist's Palette

The warm tones and textures found in the natural materials of each structure inspire the soft neutral tones of this palette, with bold pops of color to mimic the vibrancy of the artist’s imaginative strokes cascading across the walls.


A Blank Canvas

From the soft speckled texture of Chanterelle, to the vivid red of Terra di Sienna, this feature palette illustrates both the passion and artistry found on every corner of the urban landscape. Find your inner artist and create your own inspired space.


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2x4 Heather Matte Purple Glaze Color Sample by Rookwood Pottery2x4 Chanterelle Yellow Purple Glaze Color Sample by Rookwood Pottery2x4 Terra di Sienna Red Brown Glaze Color Sample by Rookwood Pottery2x4 Sun Kissed Matte Yellow White Glaze Color Sample by Rookwood Pottery2x4 Nadaleen Matte Light Teal Glaze Color Sample by Rookwood Pottery

1 – Heather  // 2 Chanterelle  //  3 – Terra di Sienna  // 4Sun Kissed  // 5Nadaleen

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