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Grigor Dimitrov Visits Rookwood

The Defending Western & Southern Open Champion tries his hand at sculpting, pottery, and painting.

In 2017, Grigor Dimitrov proudly clutched The Rookwood Cup after taking victory in the Western & Southern Open‘s Men’s Singles division. Back in town to defend his title for 2018, he stopped by to tour Rookwood’s facilities and see how the tennis tournament’s iconic trophy is made, as well as, how much care and detail go into Rookwood’s Pottery and Commemorative pieces.

The 27-year old champion had the opportunity to channel his inner artist by getting his hands dirty with clay and creating what spoke to him. He then poured his own mold and donned an apron while receiving an up close look at the detailed painting process. After the firing was complete, he celebrated by raising his very own Miniature Rookwood Cup into the air.

Grigor competed for another full size Rookwood Cup at this year’s Western & Southern Open, but the prize was claimed by Novak Djokovic for 2018. Fans of this annual tradition can celebrate the tournament and Rookwood with a Western & Southern Open coaster.

Did you know: Rookwood has been crafting the tournament’s Men’s and Women’s championship trophy since 2010 and started partnering with the event back in 1899. Whether you’re looking for a trophy of your own or just a special way to commemorate a milestone, see what our team can do for you.