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Take a Shower with Rookwood at DesignBuildCincy

Rookwood Pottery, a company that has been making a variety of ceramics in Cincinnati for more than 130 years, will be hosting a unique exhibit at this year’s DesignBuildCincy event.

DesignBuildCincy, which takes place October 27-28 at Music Hall, will have the area’s best architects, contractors, craftspeople, designers, fabricators, makers, manufacturers and retailers.

Rookwood Pottery will be at booth 58, and the staff will showcase its immersive shower exhibit, the fall collection of ceramic tile and the debut of the Haven Palette, which includes three never-before-seen colors. Inviting guests to “take a shower with Rookwood,” the bathroom installation will convey Rookwood’s focus on merging the realms of art, functionality and innovation.

The shower exhibit will be featured in DesignBuildCincy’s Soapbox Series at 11 a.m. on October 28. The panel, which includes Rookwood Art Director Mary Guanciale, will explore aspects of production and installation that “matter most when you want custom,” Guanciale says. “We’ll explore how our unique approach to innovation, artistic collaboration and technique can improve every detail of the process. They’re the elements that really make a difference for this customer.”

All of Rookwood’s ceramic tiles and architectural elements are made in-house at the studio’s factory in Over-the-Rhine, the same neighborhood as Music Hall.

“From our dinnerware to our tile, Rookwood has always stood apart from the rest as functional fine art,” explains Rookwood’s CEO and President, Micah Carroll. “We’re seeing rising demand for our range of architectural tile across the U.S. – whether it’s for a bathroom, kitchen or accent. Rookwood is an enduring element wherever it’s placed – and more and more, we see customers craving that for their spaces.”

For more details and tickets for the event, visit To learn more about “Take a Shower with Rookwood,” visit this Facebook event page.

Thanks to House Trends for highlighting Rookwood’s immersive, new shower exhibit at this year’s DesignBuildCincy.