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  • Custom Hand Thrown

Custom Hand Thrown

Your Vision Brought to Life

We work with our clients to develop pieces based on a variety of factors—from building something based on design preference, to creating a piece of familial significance and recognition. We have seen and created a wide range of projects with variation of size, glaze, and artistic decoration including carvings, hand-painting and more. No project is ever too big or too small for Rookwood Custom.

Statement Vases

Statement Vases starting at 20" and up. Statement vases generally feature a custom shape design, carvings, artwork, and glaze coloring to match your personal expression. Prices starting at $1400 and up.


X-Large Vases

Featuring vases ranging in size from 15" to 20" Our Large Vases feature custom shape designs, embellishments and glaze coloring. Prices starting at $1000.


Large Vases

Featuring vases ranging in size from 10" to 14". Our Large Custom vases generally utilize a traditional Rookwood form, and feature a glaze treatment and embellishments that correspond to your design preference. Prices starting at $600.


Custom Hand-Thrown Urns

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Small-Batch Hand Thrown Forms

Let our artisans create a custom hand-thrown form for your next event or special occasion. Whether for the bride and groom, or your next personal or corporate event, our artisans can create a set of custom items to meet your needs and match your artistic expression. Our selection of Hand Thrown Small-Batch Products includes a range of products, from ring trays and jewelry boxes to mugs, plates, cups and more!