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Collection: Homage Series 2023 | French Red 🟥

A carefully curated collection by Rookwood Historian, George Hibben. This collection of one of-a kind hand thrown, hand carved, hand decorated, vessels embody the theme.

The French Red glaze is highly regarded by serious collectors, known for its heavy glazes that beautifully display the elusive red color in select areas of decoration. The French Red style is characterized by precise and majestic outcomes, featuring a tight decoration style. One of Rookwood's esteemed historic artists, Sara Sax, was renowned for her work with French Red, which earned her a loyal following.

Today, our talented Rookwood artists, Heidi Shannon and Chy Carlisle, have taken the evolution of French Red forward with their interpretations on specially curated forms. At the French Red Homage Event, we will be presenting a variety of forms and styles, all showcasing the exquisite French Red glaze. You can expect to find geometric designs, floral patterns, and hand-painted vases, but please note that these will be available in limited numbers.

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