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Design Feature: Vintage Meets Modern

Historic tile designs reimagined

The Tiles

3×6 Rectangle Field Tile in Devon and Peacock.
Whitman Rook Studio Tile in Wilderness Colorway.
Long Single Bullnose Edge in Devon.

The Glazes

The subway tile in this kitchen uses Rookwood’s Devon and Peacock glazes. Devon is used for a majority of the field tile, with a hint of Peacock accenting the Whitman Rook focal tiles.

Devon is a V5 glaze, or a glaze that displays a high level of variation. When installed, this variation is dispersed throughout the installation to show off the range of Devon’s stunning hue.


The Design

This kitchen takes historic Rookwood elements and utilizes them in a modern, truly one-of-a-kind way.

The Whitman Rook tile featured in this installation comes from an heritage design and was originally featured in Rookwood’s catalog in 1912. Devon, the green glaze used on the field tile, is inspired by heritage glaze hues and finishes. These heritage elements are harmoniously combined with contemporary, open shelving and a counter-to-ceiling feature wall backsplash.

 The homeowner, Karen D., shared some of her inspiration and the reasons why she chose Rookwood Pottery in an interview with us.

Q: What about Rookwood adds value to your life?
Karen D.: I would say Rookwood adds value to our life as well as our lifestyle. The tile that we chose for our installation adds overall value to our home. We also got something that is so authentically Cincinnati in the process, and something so beautiful and customizable as well.

The real value comes from visitors we have in our home and see the tile and ask “where did you get this beautiful tile!” and then telling them that it is Rookwood, it really feels like something special.

Q: How did Rookwood influence your design choices?

Karen D.: Rookwood overall really influenced the rest of the design for this remodel project. The Whitman Rook Medallion Tiles themselves were really the starting point and inspiration for the color scheme in incorporating the blues and the greens.

We saw them in the Rookwood Showroom I got a feeling for the way the blue and the green could play together. With that I decided to do the entire backsplash in the green, and have the Whitman Rook done custom so that we could have the Rookwood Field Tile in the blue. We ended up carrying out that theme through the entire project, including our custom cabinet installation done in a similar shade of blue.

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