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Summer Home Refresh

6 Simple Ways to Give Your Home a Summer Refresh.

Making a Big Impact with Minimal Effort, Both Indoors & Out!

Beautiful blooms don’t have to be the only things that perk up the room around you — color is a great way to keep your summer spirits high! A vibrant vase, such as our Flora and Clove, is the perfect way to introduce bright hues and can work as a piece of art on its own.

Scent sets the tone in any home, and in summer, light, bright fragrances are key to creating a new feeling that evokes the season. Bring the sweet smell of fresh flowers into any room with our Morgan Candle. Designed by our artist, Morgan Willenbrink, the handcrafted vessel can be used to hold jewelry or fresh flowers once the wax has fully burned.

Whether you’re enjoying a snack on the patio or family dinner indoors, bring summer to your table with bold serving staples that will effortlessly add a pop of color. From our new Small Plate and Small Bowl to our Charcuterie Board (a fan favorite!), our Emilia Collection is thoughtfully designed by our artists to provide a bright and beautiful canvas for your everyday gatherings around the table.

With five glazes to mix and match from, our handcrafted House Numbers are an eye-catching way to add personality to your exterior.

We can’t think of a better way to bring summer’s bright blooms into your indoor decor. Adorning your dinner table or beautifully framed, our decorative Ashbee Flora and Blossom Tiles are delicately hand-painted by our artists with everlasting flowers to bring a lively touch of nature to any room.

Handcrafted in our hometown of Cincinnati, we love using Prospect Jam Co.’s unique fruit-forward jams for a sweet pick-me-up any time of day! We’re excited to share their new seasonal flavors - including Blueberry Jam with Lavender and Lemon Balm, and Rose Wine Jelly with Edible Petals and Hibiscus - perfectly paired with new glazes in our Confection Comforts Care Package.

Using the same artisanship as our pottery, we craft each piece of our tile by hand, just as we’ve done for more than a century. For us, tile is more than just a building material, it’s a gateway to create unique works of art in every space — from floor to ceiling, both indoors and out.