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Super Bowl Commercial

A commercial to bring everyone together... Cheers!

2018 was the year of the hippo… All thanks to Fiona, and the team that came together around her! Fiona went from a vulnerable infant to a powerful icon in just under a year, after she was born 6 weeks premature and overcame every challenge thrown her way.

Fiona couldn’t have done it without the support of her amazing care team and the help and resources of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. With the strength and determination of #TeamFiona, her health improved drastically and she was able to join her parents in Hippo Cove at the Cincinnati Zoo!

Her story doesn’t stop there. With her perseverance she has served as inspiration for many, with people all over the world watching as she grows. We are thrilled to be able to help share her story through Rookwood Pottery’s partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

In partnership with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, we have designed and released an Ornament, Coaster and limited-edition Mug. For each of these pieces, Rookwood has donated 20% of the proceeds back to the Cincinnati Zoo Conservation Fund to support Fiona and the other animals at the zoo.

We also teamed up with storytelling agency Rebel Pilgrim to create a Super Bowl commercial that commemorates all the good Fiona has brought to the Cincinnati community and beyond. This commercial celebrates the hippo that has captured our hearts and brought us all together as one. Thanks to Fiona for showing us what it means to overcome. Cheers to Fiona!

Missed our commercial? Don’t worry! You can view it anytime here:

Fiona’s story has captured our hearts as an example of the power of determination, positivity, fearlessness, and teamwork!

Our #TeamFiona members from the Cincinnati Zoo and beyond are proud to be a part of Fiona’s story.

Do you love Fiona as much as we do? Let’s give a toast to #TeamFiona!

Get your own Rookwood Pottery Team Fiona Ornament or Hippo Cove Coaster to show your team spirit — Share yours by tagging #RookwoodFionaFix to show your hippo pride! Go, Team Fiona, go!


To provide continued support for animal families like Fiona’s, Rookwood donated a portion of the proceeds from the Fiona commemoratives to the Cincinnati Zoo Conservation Fund.