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Collection: Hand Thrown Best of Show Artist Collection 2022

When creating a “Best Of” collection, many factors can contribute to a piece considered to be “The Best.”  Form, glaze, subject matter, design, historical significance, or a combination of these factors are considered.  This collection represents unique pieces, whether in glaze or form.  Some may be seen as classic art, while others may need to be studied and contemplated.  All are works of beauty and are offered in this limited collection.

Favorites have been chosen by Rookwood potters Joe Paushel, Rebecca Rohr, and Morgan Willenbrink, usually based on form, carving style, and glaze interpretation.  Polychrome decorators Chy Carlisle, LaRae Fischer, Kara Harper, Tammy Maloney, Heidi Shannon, Deborah Smith, and Jenna Sprouse have also pulled their top picks.  Historian George Hibben has also selected a few of his classic favorites!

All pieces in this Collection are signed by the Artists. 

Local pick up is available. 

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